Know More about the Next Generation Skype

Want to stay connected with your Friends and Family, and then here is your Next generation Skype with amazing and attractive features. Connect with your people in different ways with your new Skype.


Here are some of the best features you can find in your Next generation Skype.

Chat options

  • Chat options have been made easier, lively and expressive. The option and its settings are arranged in a more personalized way. With new Skype, you can share photos and videos of your Life moments together.
  • You can create videos on your own and share it on your new Skype.


You can customize your Skype with favorite colors and your personal style will be displayed

Highlight your Day with new Skype

  • A new feature of your next generation Skype has an option called highlight which lets you create a high light of your day with Pictures and videos.
  • Our Skype support team can help you to know more about the new generation Skype, its new features, and installation.
  • After you post your highlight, everyone can react to it using an emotion which becomes a more expressive way to communicate.
  • The new add-ins available makes your Skype even more attractive.

How to post a highlight

Want to know how to post a highlight,

  • The first step is to access your camera to take a photo or video.
  • Now post it to your highlights and your friends or family can react to it sending emotions or stickers.

Our Skype support team is here to assist you if you find difficulty in understanding the above steps to post a highlight.

Simplest conversations can pave the way to lasting memories.

Available everywhere

  • The new generation Skype can be accessed from any location, provided you have an active Internet connection
  • You can visit the feature page to know more about the new features of the next generation Skype.

Chat tab

Swipe or tap on your chat tab to get back to your older conversations.

Capture tab

Capture tab allows you to capture and shot precious moments. You can now share your captured moments with Friends and Family.

New Skype on Android devices to bring your world together

The new generation Skype will be available first on your android devices and later on will be introduced to the newer versions of iPhone. The new generation Skype is designed to make it easy for day to day communications.

Choose the hue

You can choose the hue that fits best for your device.

Quick to find

With the new generation Skype, it’s quick and easy to find messages and delete the ones which are not required.

To know more about the new generation Skype and its features, call our Skype support through toll-free number and visit to get instant help.


Skype – Easy Online Microsoft Chat Support

We all know a ton of messengers and apps that enable us to have a chat onlineMicrosoft’s Skype supports the same function, but a bit professional! That is the reason a lot of businesses use Skype for their meetings. But if you haven’t started using it yet for your business, then here are five reasons why Skype would be a better support for your online chats! There aren’t many online chat apps that provide the support that this Microsoft app does! So, check out the perks!


First thing, if you have the right plugins, having the entire app in your computer is not mandatory at all! You can rely totally on your online account alone, and be happily every after! If you can’t manage to have a face to face to meet, simply hook everyone up to Skype and get on with the meeting!

As said earlier, people can easily hook each other up and have a virtual meeting set up. But, for how many people, one might ask! The latest Skype 5.0 update enables up to ten people to be connected in a single call, thus enabling a very sophisticated meeting environment. Skype also enables you to throw in charts and stats alongside its chat box while you cite them.

Not only does Skype allow you to throw in files, but also lets you present your PPT alongside your meeting, in the chat area! With all these features, Skype almost gives out a virtual meeting room environment and enables voice-only conference calls too, if needed.

With the online chat support by Microsoft’s Skype, it is almost impossible to have an unsuccessful meeting! All you will need for a meeting to be conducted over Skype is simply a computer with a decent internet connection, a microphone if at the meeting is to be spoken at and a webcam and microphone If there is voice call meeting. There can be unlimited sharing of files, which again happens to be an advantage at a business level!

Start using Skype now, and make meetings easier! If you need any Microsoft support call us at 1-855-559-2230 or visit at