Guide to Resolve your Outlook for Mac Keeps Asking for Password

Microsoft has now released the latest versions of Outlook for Mac like outlook 2011 and 2016 with its best and advanced Features. Many of the users have faced the issue that outlook for Mac keeps asking for a password. Microsoft outlook support team is available to assist you either by chat or call.

Here are some of the trouble shooting steps you can follow to overcome the above error. The issue mostly occurs due to the changes in the authentication which is introduced in the latest versions of outlook

Lack of proper testing

Lack of proper testing is another reason why the outlook for Mac keeps asking for a password.

Delete your Temporary files and internet cache

  • Sometimes the temporary files and internet cache can cause the error of asking a password.
  • Try deleting your Temporary files and internet cache and check whether the issue still persists.

Use the Remember password option

You can use the Remember password option to enter your username and password and it is not required to enter the credentials each time you Log in.

username password

Try launching a Keychain tool

Try launching a keychain tool and delete the keychain entries like Exchange, Microsoft Office Identities.

Mac outlook2011 keeps asking for a Password

To resolve this issue, the best option is to remove your keychain entries.

  • Go to the Applications >Utility folder and open the keychain access utility option.
  • You can now opt for your Login keychain.
  • Now look for the mail service or the server name of the account you have configured in outlook.
  • Choose the displayed keychain entry and press the delete option or delete key to remove it.
  • Open your outlook now and your new keychain entries will be generated to replace the one which is deleted.

Our Microsoft Outlook support team will assist you and provide you guidelines on how to trouble shoot the issue of outlook, asking for a password.

If you are an outlook 2016 user, Follow the below guidelines to overcome the issue of Login prompt.

  • Try deleting the cache that is associated with your outlook account.
  • The first step is to close your outlook 2016 application and all the documents

Now open the keychain access by following any of the methods below

  • With Finder as your search application, Click on the utility option from the Go menu and double click the Keychain access option.
  • If you are using Spot light as the search option, type keychain access and double click it from the search option.
  • Now type Exchange in the search box of keychain access and delete all the files that are listed.
  • Relaunch your outlook 2016 application now

Removing the keychain entries and Cache file thus becomes an important trouble shooting step to resolve the issue of the password prompt.

You can now follow the above trouble shooting steps to resolve the outlook error which keeps asking for a Password. To know more, call us on our toll-free number @ 1-855-559-2230 and our Microsoft support team is here to assist you. Or visit us



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